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January 27, 2023

14 thoughts on “Travelogue: It takes two to tango in Puducherry

  1. Dear Writers – Isha and Dorcas

    Outstanding article – very vivid as also exceptionally thrilling too.

    Enjoyed travelling with both of you on the Scooty.

    Keeping writing and sharing your experiences- I have been to Pondicherry over 100s of time but this is the first time I saw the erstwhile Pondicherry as Puducherry….thanks so much.

    God Bless
    P Shivanand and Mukta

  2. Dear Isha and Dorcas,
    Happy to read about your first trip to Pudduchery. I had made a solo trip there from Banglore a decade ago and your story gave me a chance to relive the moments.
    Undobtedly Pudduchery is a very nice place which teaches us about vasudhev kutumbkam. And yes who could forget about beautiful architecture and solar kitchen and greenry of aureville. I really liked your article. Thanks. Make more such trips and share your travelogue. Sudhanshu Sinha

  3. Enjoyed traveling with you. So far I was underestimating your capabilities Ñow it seems you have outwitted me.God bless you.

  4. You have a magic pen? Your article and the journey takes us vicariously into the picturesque locales of puducherry. You have a passion and flair for writing, its very obvious and worth appreciating.
    Waiting for another ride with you, lovely Isha!

  5. A fine article enticing us to go for visit though literally travelled through the article fantastic!

  6. Even as a Pondicherrian, I enjoyed the easy descriptive flow of taking me through the streets of Pondicherry, seeing Pondy through your eyes made me appreciate something’s about our lovely town that we take for granted . So do keep writing.

    Incidentally prior permission can be taken to visit inner chamber of Matrimandir 3 days in advance at

  7. Myself from Pondicherry but settled now in Chennai. So nice to hear from an outsider about my town. Simple words and effective narration. If the town & especially the beach is so enjoyable today, in my childhood it was still more calm, clean, serene and a broad shore for us to play, walk, jog and do anything. Vivid are those days. Thanks to the two travellers for bringing back those astounding memories.

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