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September 25, 2023

1 thought on “In more than 57 countries, women are not fully in control of their bodies, says report

  1. Although focusing on important areas, this international study leaves out the larger far more important aspect i.e. women’s reproductive rights which encompasses contraception, control over fertility and other issues. Perhaps because so-called advanced countries that fund these studies, dominate international policymaking and discourse are themselves often a violater of reproductive rights at home and allow their various powerful non-state actors to do so overseas. E.g. Right to abortion is still a issue of political football in almost every big and small election in USA while it’s a settled issue for decades in many countries on this list such as India. Ireland’s regressive rights covering Catholic orthodoxy get imposed on on-catholics and non-Christians and even leading to death of innocents like Savita Halappanavar. The role of various western and western funded church groups that affect not just reproduction but fight against HIV in Africa is another such instance.

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