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14 thoughts on “Beat the heat the nutritious way!

  1. Amazing ! These are such simple things which are available at home all the time . Thankyou Dr.Vandana for these tips and easy ways to enjoy the summer season.

  2. Excellent information!
    We’ve been using all of these without realising their value and worth for general health, for Summer time specially 🌞
    Now we will include them consciously with more regularity, and benefit more.

  3. Doc, I did not know that Onions have a cooling effect. I did not know the electrolyte benefit of watermelon.

    Great inputs for the season

    – Sudhir Reddy

  4. Useful tips for proactive avoidance of issues one faces due to lack of or insufficient fluids intake.
    🙏 Thanks

  5. Excellent write up a refresher on easy to follow homemade coolers for maintaining fluid level in body in summer. Great tips.

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