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19 thoughts on “Air travel, kids and young mothers – Don’t fly off the handle!

  1. Heartwarming article, is my first instinctive reaction. Absolutely love it. Thinking more from the heart as I can relate to the situations and people in your mind when you are writing!
    But talking from the head…a very practical, observant, intelligent, and balanced perspective Dr Mathur!

  2. The race to reach the destination faster has been the hallmark of competition for the LCC – Low cost carriers. To save the charges of their gate time they descend faster to capture the landing window, with disregard to the cabin pressure. They don’t give candy. There are ear pressure correction devices, but unfortunately they are not sold at the airports or kept by the crew. Great write-up doc. I will treat a crying child with a sense of empathy now. 🙂

  3. V informative article, especially for parents of young kids. For ppl like me whose kids are adults now, it was a travel down the memory lane.

  4. Good article . Of course earlier flying used to be more enjoyable and thrilling. That hospitality of Airlines are missing nowadays.

  5. A lovely article, lucidly written, with free flowing emotions and very practical tips. I like the writer’s unique and genuine style of expression. Keep it coming Doc👍👌👏👏

  6. Handy tips for young mothers – my compliments, My dear Doctor Sahiba !! Thanks from many are due – I shared this with my Daughter I acquired by her marrying my Son and is now the mother of my grandson.

    Incidentally, the tips can come in handy with finicky husbands and MILs also irrespective of the age !!

  7. Really beautiful article, you’ve actually taken us through the journey way more comfortably. There are some great suggestions in here that one wouldn’t have thought of otherwise, along with a gentle reminder to not glare at co-passengers going through an anyway tough situation. Please keep posting, thanks.

  8. I really like reading through an article that can make people think. Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!

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