Make yourself Bihari cuisines Part 6: Bihari style Mutton Kebab

By Nandini Bhushan*

From Vat Savitri to Chhath Puja, and from humble litti chokha to the traditional dal pitha, Bihar is blessed with all the flavour and spirit of pomp and splendor. Eddie Kennyson rightly said, “when opportunity presents itself, don’t be afraid to go after it.” In these columns I shall not only be tell something about my native state Bihar through the window of its festival and food, but shall also offer the recipe so that one can try it oneself.

Bihari cuisine, I believe deserves its long overdue credit, as it is one of the most unexplored and under rated food today despite being full of flavours and among the most palatable cuisines. In today’s world of marketing and flamboyance, we seriously need a makeover of the sumptuous Bihari food to find its rightful niche in the gastronomical world. We need to present our recipe to the global audience, and being a food enthusiast myself, it is my humble attempt to present a traditional Bihari food with an interesting variation.

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Bihari Style Mutton Kebab

The Indian subcontinent hosts a widespread range of flavourful kebabs and Bihari style Mutton Kebab is definitely one among them. Since Bihari food has not been marketed well, it may not be possibly as popular as other kebabs such as Reshmi Kebab or Tandoori Kebab  but it melts in mouth texture and smoky aroma makes it distinct from the other kebab preparation. The tantalizing aroma of meat cooking in the charcoal oven along with the smoky flavour of spices would definitely blow you off your feet to find a way into your heart. Freshly made kebab with onion rings topped with lemon juice is indeed an ultimate pleasure for food lovers.


Mutton fillet : ½ kg

Turmeric powder : ½ tsp

Mustard oil : 150 grams

Curd : 200 gms

Garam masala powder : 1 tsp

Malai : 2 tsp

Salt : as per taste


For the masala paste

Garlic : ½ tsp

Ginger : 1 tsp

Coriander seeds : 2 tsp

Onion : 1

Cumin seeds : 1 tsp

Khus khus : 1 tsp

Peppercorn : ½ tsp

Raw papaya paste : 2 tsp

Step 1

Marinate the mutton fillet with turmeric powder, salt and 1 tsp mustard oil and keep it aside for at least an hour.

Step 2

In a separate bowl combine the ground paste along with malai, curd, garam masala and the remaining mustard oil.

Step 3

Next mix the marinated fillet with the masala and give it all a good mix. Cover it and keep it aside for a couple of hours. Doing so will make the kebab more flavorful and juicy.

Step 4

Thread the kebab fillets into the skewers.

Step 5

Cook the kebab on the traditional charcoal oven on medium flame. Keep on turning the skewer so that the kebab is cooked evenly from all the sides.

Step 6

Brush the kebab liberally with ghee and relish it with onion rings.

*Nandini Bhushan is a well-known food blogger


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