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19 thoughts on “When parenting gets stressful

  1. What a smooth flow of words, thoughts and feelings. This is only possible with the writer’s own convictions who lives by them. Great article Dr. Vandana Mathur. My compliments.

  2. Such a simple way to put up an important message …..only if u r happy u will make others around you happy

  3. Such an important message put in a simple way……if u r happy will u make people around u happy……

  4. Love the way you narrate your stories and link them with the underlying issue! Keep posting more! These are such relevant and relatable issues. They should help create more awareness!

  5. Brilliant!!!!!! Such penetrating insightful observations! Mind reading of the modern day mum 😀❤️

  6. Very well articulated & a very practical example for any working mother 🌹
    My (much) better half went thru very similar experiences in the mid-80s/90s, as a working mother of 2 beautiful girls.
    Unfortunately there was practically no awareness or professional guidance available that time but she ended up doing an exemplary job 🤗
    Dr you are doing a commendable job ; Keep it up & God bless you 🙏

  7. As usual a truly well written piece of advice for parents who do not give any priority to their own mental and physical needs and are eventually so burnt out themselves, that they are not much use as good parents. The way you articulate things is so simple to understand and easy to follow. Thanks!!!

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