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December 8, 2023

4 thoughts on “The first-ever written poems in Magahi!

  1. As I belong to Gaya, magahi language is very close to my heart.
    My Father, uncle, dadi and all members of family use to converse in magahi .
    Gradually younger generation drifted away from this language.
    All congratulations to Mr. Abhay K for writing poem in Magahi.
    We expect many more from you.

  2. Please keep the language alive.
    Atleast talk sometimes in Magahi to help it pass to other generations.
    And yes do produce Magahi literature.
    Keep writing.
    Best Wishes.

  3. सांझ सवेरा एक्के फेरा बांकुरा डाले डोर I
    टुक्कुर टुक्कुर घूरा है नियतिया भयल कमजोर I
    गीत रंग सावन झूला सखियन ढेंगा मस्ती I
    कूक कोयलिया, सुग्गा, मैना नाचे संग मयूर I

    पुरवैया अयतय राजा, तोहर मनमा तनी किसोर I
    गौना कर नित्रयबय सगरो, जैबय जे घर तोर I
    फोड़ गगरिया ठहके सजना कलय्या काहे मरोड़ I
    भीतरे भीत्तर चद्दर तर, हे भैंसिया जैतय बोर I

    मोनव्वर रहमान

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