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2 thoughts on “India has enough strength and resources to take on the worst of COVID-19, claims minister

  1. The honorable minister sounds over confident about the situation in India. If the situation in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh is any indication, it is too early to become complacent about the containment of the pandemic
    We have examples in front of us. Even the most developed countries with very strong health care system have collapsed under the weight of the surge in patients.
    We have good models and bad models before us. South Korea is a good model and Italy, Spain and now the US have become bad models.
    If the virus finds its way through the community, things will go completely out of control in a country with a population of more than 1.3 billion. Our medical infrastructure will not be able to cope up with a pressure of rising number of patients.
    Only solution is to halt a potential community spread. Halt it before it becomes out of control. Strictly enforce lockdown across the country. No shortcuts.

  2. It sounds good that confident in tackling any eventuality but we have to be alert as few areas are giving very alarming figures. Lockdown and social distancing to be implemented with firm hand.

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