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10 thoughts on “Artist’s Gallery: Majestic Sunrise, Sunsets, and Stars!

  1. Wonderful writeup to match Jeevan’s multi faceted personality. All the hard work behind the camera shows in the beautiful snaps. Keep up the good work Jeeves.

  2. Jeevan’s pictures are one to one better than the other. Each one has his personal touch. He takes pain Toto keep the frame perfect. May be he has a special eye from us. Or is his lences magical. No matter what he shoots turns out fabulous must be.

  3. Have been following Jeevan’s photography skills for sometime. They go beyond the frame. That is perhaps because they have been captured by the lens of a wonderful human being.
    Barnali Bhattacharya

    1. Thank you so much Barnali for your continued support and appreciation of my humble captures. You are a multitalented person yourself and a messiah fir your young patients.

  4. Well done Jeeves you caugth moments wich normal eye cannot usually see. Looking forward to great clicks in future

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