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3 thoughts on “A national river manifesto is the need of the hour

  1. The heritage of the Ganga state passing through the only district of Jharkhand

    Separate arrangements should be made for conservation, promotion and research

    Friends, as everyone knows, the Ganges passes through Sahibganj, the only district of Jharkhand. In such a situation, Ganga is a heritage for our state. One of the two banks of the river touches about 83 km of Sahibganj district of Jharkhand. History is witness that human civilizations have developed on the banks of rivers. Sahibganj is the most backward district of the state and the country. Although Sahibganj is fortunate that this city is situated on one bank of the Ganges. From this our hope is tied that due to being situated on the banks of Ganga, the most backward district of the country will one day become a developed city. Although it is not that Sahibganj was as backward as it is today, but there was a time when Sahibganj was known as Mini Kolkata. But getting trapped in the political vicious circle, Sahibganj went backward. The people of this district situated on the banks of the Ganges are still hopeful that one day the wheel of time will spin and Sahibganj will once again be included in the developed districts. Maybe it has already started. Today a bridge is being built on the Ganges in Sahibganj. The Multi Modal Terminal has been constructed at Sahibganj. And this is a matter of concern for us. The progress towards development compels one to think that if the Ganga gets angry with Sahibganj, then once again the development of Sahibganj will stop. Rivers keep changing their form from the geographical point of view. Its effect has been seen in Sahibganj in the last several years. In fact, through Manihari Ghat of Katihar district of Bihar, the Ganges enters Sahibganj city, touching the area of ​​Rampur Diara under Sadar block of Sahibganj district of Jharkhand. But the mouth of Rampur Diara got closed due to silt. Due to which the Ganga flowing towards the city started flowing through Rampur towards Sakrigali. In such a situation, about 10 km from the edge of the city, the Ganges created the Gokhur Lake. If the system of removing the silt had been made at that time, then this geographical change of the Ganges could have been prevented by artificial means.
    The distance from Sahibganj to Farakka Barrage is approximately 83 kms. Whereas the Ganges passes by touching the banks of Sahibganj for about 83 km. In such a situation, an area of ​​84 km is sensitive to artificial barrier in the form of barrage. Siltation is highest in these areas. That is, we can say In such a situation, we demand that a separate department should be formed in Sahibganj to monitor every geographical change of the river, to maintain its ecosystem including its management, protection, conservation and research. Whose complete office setup should be in Sahibganj Headquarters. The silt should be cleaned at least two to three times a year to maintain the flow of Ganga in Sahibganj city. In the end, I would say that such a situation should not come that a city on the banks of the Ganges has to be deprived of the Ganges. If this happens, it will be no less than the death of that city. Because Ganga is the giver of life….Thank you

    NSS volunteers and NCC cadets students and people should be apart of as गंगा मित्र गंगा प्रहरी
    DR RANJIT Kumar Singh NSS programme officer cum Nodal officer
    Sahibganj college Sahibganj
    SKMU Dumka Jharkhand

  2. Thank you dear Deepakji for sparing your valuable time to attend National Convention on Rivers and writing a note on River Manifesto..

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