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2 thoughts on “Pandemic and Youth: Stress is more dangerous than the virus itself

  1. This is amazing🤩🤩. I love how you are writing about kids and teens over the pandemic!! I really hope that people should more like this. This is great!.:) 😃👍

  2. This is an amazing and honest analysis coming from a youth herself. Your reflection is shared by youth across the globe. This piece of article is both the ground reality and inspiration. Inspiration because it is the message to youth that can conquer by being energetic, happy, confident, and making use of time in meaningful ways.
    Our request, please keep sharing the recipe of staying happy, healthy, and optimist. The nation and entire world is actually looking upon you because of you being a role model for youth.
    Best wishes, Rock n Roll. More importantly, please make people rolling and rocking!

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