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1 thought on “K Muraleedharan from Wayanad?

  1. Luck favoured Congress to win good number of seats from Kerala in spite of internal feud in this small state. I wonder, how these Congressmen can carry forward only on charisma of Rahul Gandhi at national level. As a captain of the ship Rahul should not have left his stronghold Amethi in 2019 and 2024 to Wayanad. It looks the Left is number enemy of the Congress and not of the BJP. Kerala was a safe state for I.N.D.I. Alliance. However the BJP has opened its much awaited account thanks to Muraleedharan and the Congress Party. It would be a good gesture of Congress top leadership to follow alliance dharma by not to contest from Wayanad if Rahul steps down, and instead they can leave the seat for the Left front to contest.

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