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2 thoughts on “Follow-up: Indian professor languishing in Libya seeks justice

  1. I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General Libya and United Nations Support Mission Libya Human Rights, Ministry of Labour and Immigration through Dy Minister Mhesr on 18 January 2023 I was teaching at Tripoli University in October-November 2022 and December 2022 attended an International conference. I was also teaching at Faculty Education, Elmergub University in December but after teaching and submitting all relevant papers they told me to get No objection from Dean Msllatta. I had an offer from Asmsria University on June 22 and I had given my papers there but when I asked them to take NOC from E U & T U or Mhesr they did nothing. I did not join. I joined Elmergib University after NOC from T U through Mhesr and when President Elmergib University wrote to Under Secretary.

    1. Very sad _ very very sad to know about the Libyan 🇱🇾 people , may their Allaah give them little brains and little brains to UN people taking millions in salaries what they are getting for just to say yes no .

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