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December 5, 2023

4 thoughts on “‘Bare Bhai- Chhote Bhai’ syndrome resumes in Bihar!

  1. Nitish as a shrewd politician played his card very well. Knowing very well Modi-Shah duo’s past actions and mindset, Nitishbabu royally dubbed BJP with the duo’s own game.
    Toppling Uddhav Thackeray government in Maharashtra by vertically splitting the Sena and installing rebel Sena man Eknath Shinde in the cradle, Nitish sensed very soon he will be dumped by BJP. Before BJP doing anything Nitish went back to his natural ally and old friend Laloo Yadav’s fold. As Lalu is a large hearted man he and his family accepted JDU Chief.
    It would be interesting to see how the duo Modi-Shah will go ahead for 2024 poll.
    Bihar will once again lead the nation after JP’s movement against Mrs. Gandhi in mid-70s and will not allow Modi to come back to power easily.

  2. A very honest and balanced opinion. As I said elsewhere in Haan Ham Hain Taiyaar 2024 group on whatsapp, this time Nitish has dug his own political grave.

  3. नितीश कुमार ने जनता के मत का मजाक उराया है.बिहार की जनता उनको माफ नहीं करेगा.

    1. Nitishbabu is a seasoned and much shrewd politician than Modi-Shah duo.
      Nitish has come from JP Movement, whereas both duo never had to face much hardship, as they got readymade platform through BJP and it’s parent organization RSS.
      Thanks to Pravin Togadiaji then firebrand VHP leader, who made roadmap for Modi in Gujarat.
      Today Modi has dumped Togadia, same way he did to over 60 cabinet ministers since 2014 in his ministry (only 4 senior ministers) are in the cabinet.
      Nitish played his cards very well and at right time he dumped BJP

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