Jhooth Mooth Ke Dere – a powerful short film with a strong social message

Saturday Showtime

Satya Prakash Sabherwal

Satya Prakash Sabherwal has won three National Awards and many International awards for his documentaries. His National Award winning documentaries were Oil offshore, Food from the Sea, and Female Infanticide. While Oil Offshore was on Oil India’s Limited maiden oil exploration in the Bay of Bengal off the coast of Paradip, Orissa, Food From The Sea was on National Institute of Oceanography probe or exploration for food and minerals under the Sea, and Female Infanticide was on preference of Boys over Girls.

He had set up India’s first Motion Picture agency, TVNF or Television News Features, he is also the only Indian to have made over 46 films for The Discovery Channel.

With over 45 years’ experience in Media – Sabherwal had studied media in London and later did jobs there, in USA. Canada, South America and Egypt, before returning to India, he has produced films on Sikhism; On Sri Harmandar Sahib, Sri Bangla Sahib, Sri Sis Ganj Sahib and on Gurdwaras of Thailand and Dubai, and on Nihang Singhs too.

Today he is busy making short films on social issues. globalbihari.com is happy to screen his latest film, Jhooth Mooth Ke Dere, for our readers. Watch it here and do post your comments.



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  1. Super film strong message with simplicity keep up the good work

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